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 Why we love what we do

The History of Asham

Mr. Arnold Asham’s passion for curling, along with his natural propensity to explore new ways to better the game, led him to a whole new world of product design. As a result, all Asham Curling Supplies products are designed with the curler in mind. Our products are thoughtfully constructed to benefit the player in all aspects of their game. The intelligence incorporated into Asham products is an attribute of being designed by Mr. Asham himself. 


In 1978, Arnold Asham introduced the revolutionary Red Brick Slider to the curling community. With instant success, Arnold turned his own basement into a production facility and started applying sliders to the soles of shoes. The success of the Red Brick Slider motivated Arnold to develop his own shoe. In 1980, after selling almost 8,000 shoes, Arnold took the next step and opened up his own operation.


Now an international name and leader in the curling industry, Asham Curling Supplies has come a long way since it’s basement production days. What remains true is Arnold’s desire to continue to better the sport of curling and grow the game’s popularity. It is important to Asham to support, encourage, and promote the game of curling and the individuals who play..

The Ontario franchise has been in operation since 2004.

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